About us

Pyro-Technic Transilvania has been on the market since 1998 being one of the flagships of successful pyrotechnical events due to its collaboration with numerous event-organizing companies and public institutions in Romania.

The culture and tradition of using fireworks in Romania has evolved amazingly, being supported by the passion, professionalism and dedication of our specialist ready to turn your event into the most beautiful experience.

Invented in China in the XII. century in order to rid people of the evil spirits, fireworks symbolize today prosperity and joy. Either national days, sports events, New Year’s Eve, weddings or any other important life event, they all have fireworks in common.

We imagine and achieve pyrotechnic shows which will take your breath away through their originality, generosity of effects set on your favourite music.

Our stability and development as organizers of pyrotechnical shows on the Romanian market have been supported by the high quality of our services and our know-how in creating works of art in the sky as well as permanent investments  in latest technology.

All these recommend us as your best choice!

These being said, we invite you to visit our website and find out more about the firework shows organized by our company and about what we can offer you so that your event can become unforgettable.

Jakab Iuliu
CEO & General Manager