There are two basic types of aerial firework shows:                                           

A traditional show is designed to be independent, so this type of fireworks show can have a musical background independent of the tunes since they are designed without music. In these shows the effects are fired manually by the pyrotechnicians according to a certain coreography and are launched from a single shooting point. Most of the professional fireworks shows in Romania are traditional.

A pyromusical show is designed to be synchronized with music. The explosions are part of a choreography so that they correspond to the tunes of music. The show is set up with the help of  digital firing systems which connect the visual effects and the music. Both the sound and the pyrotechnical effects are designed around a theme so that the fireworks mirrors  the tune and style of music.

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Traditional outside fireworks for different events:

  • Wedding fireworks
  • Large scale fireworks
  • Water fireworks
  • Daylight fireworks